Here you can find unique pieces of jewellery, art, crafts and other textiles and decorations for home.

At the moment I design and make all of the Cici Chic's own products myself. The crafts are sown primarily of natural materials, such as silk, cotton and hemp ropes in combination with other materials. In my jewellery I use natural stones, semiprecious stones, crystals, glass, wood, gold, Sterling silver, fine silver (999) as metal clay and other metals. In my paintings I prefer a variety of  structure masses, special paints, gold leafs and silver leafs.

Every product is unique, even if it is a serie product, I am not making two exactly identical pieces, and that is the sign of a handicraft. I make all my products  with Love and Joy.


With Love,
Carola Cici Niklander
Designer / Maker



Address:   Espoo, Finland
Mobile:   +35840 5450262 
Email:  carolaniklander@hotmail.com

You find me also on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Skype and Messenger. If you are browsing the web site on your phone, please turn it horizontal to find the Facebook icons and the possibility to change the language.

Thank You , 



Here is some handycrafts, some socks and angels.



Some lace socks of woolen yarn for a friend.






This is a piece of Finland, a birch alley. Quite big work, 3 canvas 100x70cm. 


This was interesting! A person had seen this piece of art in a street in Cuba and couldn't get it of the mind. This person was thinking about this for years and decided now to let someone finally paint this, and luckily it was me. I feel so fortunate that I got this work, it gave me so much.

Well it was a kind of a challenge because the original one is done with an airbrush and I did it with brushes and acrylic paint. I had also to straighten the work and 'clean' it from unnecessary marks, but I'm quite happy with the result anyway. The size is 100x80cm.


Some porteaits. 





  Acrylic paint, some glitter glue, glitters and sand. 80x80cm


Acrylic paint and little glitter. 40x50cm 


Acrylic 40x20cm


Acrylic 30x24cm


Acrylic 30x21cm


Acrylic 40x18cm


Acrylic 30x21cm


Acrylic 90x60cm


Acrylic on canvas. 100X70cm


 Acrylic on canvas. 120X70cm


 120x70 cm, Acrylic.



100x70 cm, Acrylic



70x50 cm, Mixed


65x54 cm, Mixed 


65x54 cm, Mixed