White Celestine is part of  Cici Chic  and is all about spiritual wellness.

White Celestine's goal is the balance of body, mind and spirit. When we are mentally well, we are also physically well and we can feel it in every cell. We are living very hectic times of major changes, when it seems that all the juice is squeezed out of us, so we need spiritual help that we don't become depressed and therefore become ill. 

Spiritual coaching and therapies have dramatically increased to help a large group of people in the middle of the challenges. White Celestine have to offer a number of options for mental wellness, among others :

White Celestine Angel Therapy, Home/space energy cleaning/energizing, Aura cleansing, Aura photos and of course Energized Jewelrys/Power Jewelrys and other products.

Here you can find a small video clipp with pictures of the Tampere therapy room.

The therapy room is now closed for the moment.

You will also find a direct link to White Celestine Facebook page at the top of this site.

Here you can read the story about how the Angel Therapy did begin.


From the bottom of my heart I wish you Joy, Light and Peace of Mind.

With Love

Carola Niklander
Jewelry Designer/Maker
White Celestine Therapies and Classes
Reiki Master 




White Celestine Angel Therapy   85€/60min
Aura Cleansing                              30€/30min
Home Energy Cleaning                100€/60m2
Distant Therapy                             55€/30min

If you are interested in any of these treatments or Cici Chic Products, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Carola Niklander
Mobile: +35840 5450262 
Email: carolaniklander@hotmail.com


Upcoming Events

Inquire of therapy appointments, art and jewellery : carolaniklander@hotmail.com